Heather Hamby

Heather Hamby is the owner of Heal with Heather.  She is an Elite Master Practitioner, Coach & Speaker of B.E.S.T., Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique.  Heather works with energy for clearing interferences and establishing new circuitry for healing and transformation.  Her passion is empowering clients to understand their own creative power and ability to not only heal but thrive in all areas of their lives!

Heather is blessed to have been mentored by both the originator of B.E.S.T., Dr M.T. Morter and Dr Sue Morter.  Heather has been studying with Dr Sue for over 9 years and is so fortunate to be one of a handful of practitioners in the world that has learned her Spiritual B.E.S.T. technique.  Heather assists her clients in creating their BEST life ever through a combination of conversation & techniques for integrating Mind, Body & Soul.  She utilizes B.E.S.T., The Energy Codes® practices, BodyAwake® yoga, tapping, sound healing, bioenergetic workshops as well as private consultations.

In addition Heather partners with her mother, Karen at Possibiliites8 LLC.  They assist leaders and organizations in creating an effective system for managing energy and building resilience in our ever-changing world.  Karen and Heather design and co-facilitate both live and virtual training programs, customized workshops, masterminds, book studies, online courses, training webinars and healing retreats.

Heather’s office:            Sahasrara Studio @ Shantiful
Heal with Heather:       healwithheather.com
Book a session:               https://healwithheather.as.me/
Phone:                                 480-993-9018
Possibilities8, LLC:       Possibilities8.com