Heather & Damian Dubé

Bio-Individualized Functional Nutrition, Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology Practitioners, Heather and Damian Dubé, are thyroid & fatigue recovery experts that guide driven, creative, soulful, wellness-committed women suffering with fatigue, thyroid and autoimmune symptoms to stop and reverse their chronic life-threatening disease process in 2-24 weeks naturally by harnessing their self-healing power to regain control of their body, command accelerated results, and free them from their disease and thyroid medications so they can achieve a vibrant level of wellness they’ve never known.

Their professional work in mind-body mastery spans 3 decades, but their passion to serve ignited in 2008 with Heather’s personal medication-free self-healing experience of her Hashimoto’s disease & Chronic Fatigue, and her victory of reaching US National-level as a competitive natural figure athlete only 1.5-2 years after being at complete rock bottom physically, spiritually & financially fighting her illness through a near-death experience, when she moved into her transformational physical, spiritual and energetic healing awakening.

They are On-staff Expert Contributors to international wellness publications such as Experience Life Magazine and OnFitness Magazine, third-party science peer reviewers to mass media brands such as TapOut XT, and the Co-Founders of the e3 Energy Evolved System to empowered self-healing.

Heather & Damian’s office is located upstairs in our Ajna Studio.  To learn more about their upcoming events and/or to book a private session contact them directly 623-396-NRG3 and please visit e3EnergyEvolved.com.