Tara Kaur

Tara Kaur has been an energy and body work practitioner for 15 years and is delighted to join the healing professionals at SHANTIFUL.  Her great passion in healing is empowering clients to understand their health and happiness from many layers of awareness.  She will offer CranioSacral therapy, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, cupping therapy and aromatherapy (she is currently training to become a Clinical Aromatherapist).

In addition to hands on healing Tara Kaur will offer Tantric Numerology, Meditation instruction and a gentle session called Breathe and Relax which includes Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

Tara’s office is located upstairs in our Vishuddha Studio. To learn more about Tara and/or to book a private session, please visit SedonaCrystalTemple.com or contact her at 520-235-1131.